"A highly professional and effective treatment"

The day before a road cycling event I had an issue with my right knee, I booked an appointment with Daniella on the Saturday and had 60 minutes of treatment. The treatment comprised of releasing tension on the outside of my legs with a number of different techniques. The rock blades are a great tool and really helped break down the fascial bonds that were causing inefficient movement at the joint. Afterwards 'Rocktape' was applied to assist the patella tracking which I wore through the 70 mile event the following day. I experienced no pain at all during the cycle and my knee has been great since. I highly recommend Daniella for massages in general, taping and for acute and ongoing chronic injuries.

- David, Barton on sea

''Very Professional & Knowledgeable''

I was suffering for a week with terrible migraines. I initially had a phone conversation with Daniella (as we live 2hrs apart) and she advised me to rub a tennis ball over the tension parts on my neck. This helped a lot, migraines went to headaches. She then gave me a neck, shoulder and back massage to iron out the tension and knots causing the headaches. I have had a few sports massages in the past, this was simply the best.Very professional and she has a lot of knowledge on the anatomy. She applied appropriate pressure and found knots in places I didn't realise I had. Today was the first day in over a week I have woken up with no headaches. Thank you so much Daniella. I will certainly keep up the massages regularly in the future.

                                                                                                           -Poppy, Bourton On the Water

"Great price, very knowledgeable"


After training for 13 weeks solid with no treatment my back and shoulders needed some serious work. Daniella did a great job of assessing the issue and also pointed out my other issues without prompting. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again.

- Michael , Exeter

On Par with the Best of the Best


Over the years I've had massages all over the world, worked for an F1 team so got to see the best of the best in the swanky hotels we got to stay in....

Daniella is easily on par with any of those guys, took a lot of time on the initial assessment, understood my "case" and applied a systematic treatment regime to work through the layers of issues....

I'm now on a fortnightly "mot" programme keeping everything in check....

                                                                                                                                      -Lee, Highcliffe